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Alyssa's Cause

We experienced first-hand how the passion for reading can ignite a child’s imagination and performance in all areas of school achievement, life awareness, and overall curiosity. In her short life, and especially during her school years, Alyssa was enlightened by the books she read. With the Alyssa Cares Foundation, we want to share the joy and enlightenment Alyssa brought to our family by:


doing what we can to get reading books into the hands of children who might not otherwise have access to them in their homes. Donations received will go to the purchase and distribution of reading books to under-served elementary age children in Colorado…and as we grow – throughout the United States.

2.) helping promote the joy and passion for reading by encouraging parents to provide time each evening for their children (and themselves) to read for pleasure. We will be attaching ideas and links to this page that demonstrate the importance of children having access to books, the benefits in children reading for pleasure, and ideas on how to accomplish these goals.

We invite you to share in this cause with us and help fulfill an unfinished and compassionate goal of a special little girl named Alyssa.

"I was fortunate enough to partake in the joyful program the Alyssa Cares Foundation put on at a recent school event (their third year with this school). As I watched the various grade-grouped students hearing the story of Alyssa's legacy and the importance of reading and books for their own futures, I remembered back on my own school days when that particular assembly or person made a life-long impression on me and how this was happening right in front of me. I marveled how Carole and Joe were able to convey a wonderful message to the chidren and then watched the delight on each little face as they were led to the tables stacked high with so many reading choices. There were moments when I couldn't contain the smile on my own face and times when I had to choke back emotions thinking of the reason for the foundation and looks on children's faces who wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to have a brand new, free book of their own that they could write their own names in and cherish.

As a children's book author I am asked quite often to participate in various foundations and organizations with very worthy causes, but I have not before been exposed to a foundation that I wanted to dive into with both feet to help accomplish a wonderful goal and continue the legacy of beautiful Alyssa."

Justin Matott
Chldren's Book Author

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization.  

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