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               A child's life is like a piece of paper
               on which every passerby leaves a mark.
                                                     Chinese Proverb

We received a thank you letter from nearly every child at the school. Read a few of the kid's thank you letters here.

Doull Elementary School

Doull Elementary School is located on the far western edge of the city of Denver. The school has an enrollment of 500 +/- incredible children. In addition to kindergarten through fifth grade, the school includes 4 year old's in the early childhood education (E.C.E.) program. We began our visits to Doull Elementary school in the 2009/2010 school year.

"The Alyssa Cares Foundation has made a tremendously positive impact on the Doull Elementary community. Not only have we been exposed and have been able to share in the passion that Alyssa had for reading, but we have been able to see the spark within our kids for reading like never before. We are so privileged to be a partner in the Foundation and are grateful to Joe and Carole for their tireless work in spreading the Alyssa Cares Foundation message."
Daniel Villescas, Principal  
Doull Elementary School 

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