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                                                     Chinese Proverb

The inaugural event was covered by two TV news stations, The Rocky Mountain News newspaper and the Aurora local paper - the Aurora Sentinel. Click on the links below to see the news clip or read the article.

        Aurora Sentinel
        Rocky Mountain News
        Aurora Public Schools

We received a thank you letter from nearly every child at the school. Read a few of the kid's thank you letters here.

Iowa Elementary School

Iowa Elementary School is located in Aurora, Colorado, which occupies the eastern edge of the Denver metropolitan area. The school has an enrollment of approximately 475 wonderful children for the 2008/2009 school year. We made our first visit to the school on September 9th 2008 and were greeted by some very enthusiastic kindergarten through fifth graders.


"We are so grateful to Alyssa's family for this tremendous opportunity. These are books that our students will always treasure. Our students know that these are more than just books, they are Alyssa's legacy."
LuAnn Tallman, Iowa Principal  
" Students who had never looked very excited about any book nearly danced for sheer happiness at walking out of a classroom with their very first "forever" book from Alyssa's family. A huge thank you goes to Alyssa's family and friends. Their actions are truly making a difference for our kids every day."
Joan Campbell, Iowa Librarian  

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