Changing the world, one child at a time.   
52,000 books and counting...  
             Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.
                                                            Lauren Bacall

"It was always clear how connected
Alyssa was to the written word.
I feel lucky to share that connection
with her and to help my students
feel that connection too!"

Clancy Gill
Alyssa's 4th Grade Teacher


Alyssa's Poems

Skipping through a spring green meadow,
Through all the strawberry red and dandelion yellow flowers,
The petals dancing from the light summer breeze,
The stems slightly swaying to the light tune of a blue bird's song.
The summer sun glistens through the warm relaxing meadow.
                                                                             9 years old

Yesterday my brain flipped upside down
And my train of thought crashed
And thirty of my brain cells died…

So please excuse my attention span in Math.
                                                                             8 years old

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